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On 1 January 2019, all pet/retired/non-racing greyhounds may go without a muzzle. Take our lead and learn more about this new muzzling requirements, how it affects your greyhound, and why we are the leaders in greyhound adoption!


From 1 January 2019, pet/retired/non-racing greyhounds in Victoria won’t need to wear muzzles in public.


These new muzzling requirements, introduced by the Victorian Government in April 2018, is based on the common agreement that greyhounds do not have an aggressive nature. The removal of muzzles will improve the breed’s image and hopefully increase adoption rates.

You can read the official media release here: Improving Animal Welfare for Greyhounds

Regardless of whether they wear a muzzle or not, greyhounds will still need to be leashed in public.  


Greyhounds are sighthounds and are very fast. Even a greyhound with great recall could see something in the distance and run off to try and reach it. A sighthound in this mode can easily run into a busy road or fence without realising the danger. Therefore, for their safety, all greyhounds must be leashed in public at all times. This includes off-leash dog parks!


Many people mistakenly think greyhounds need to be muzzled due to their aggressive temperament.


But nothing could be further from the truth! Greyhounds are gentle-natured animals that make great pets after their racing careers. They are low maintenance, not pre-disposed to many health problems that affect dogs of the same size and have few genetic health issues.

Often, when playing, greyhounds will be muzzled to avoid accidents. Greyhounds have very thin skin and during play, can accidentally injure themselves or other dogs. This decision is up to the owners based on their assessment of their own pet.


Just like people, greyhounds need to adjust to retirement.


Greyhounds are gentle creatures, but most are trained for life on the track and may not be used to a family home setting. Therefore, it’s important they go through the right checks and training before beginning their next phase of life with you.

Greyhounds that are adopted through the Greyhound Adoption Program undergo thorough temperament assessments, socialisation with other dogs and occasionally foster care with GAP volunteers, to ensure a safe and happy transition to family life.


There’s a perfect greyhound for every family.


Every family is unique, and the same goes for greyhounds!

As Victoria’s leading greyhound matchmaking service, the Greyhound Adoption Program goes to great lengths to ensure the right fit for both the greyhound and the family. For more information on the adoption process and to learn more about the adoption process, head to GAP’s website at


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