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1) Have you heard about the Greyhound Adoption Program before?
You’ve come to the right place! The Greyhound Adoption program, or GAP, is a GRV initiative aimed at finding loving family homes for greyhounds that have retired from the racetrack. The program finds new homes for around one thousand greyhounds each year, and that number is growing!
2) Have you ever considered adopting a greyhound?
2a) Why haven’t you yet?
2b) Why not?
We know that bringing any dog into your home is a commitment. If you have questions about potentially adopting one day, talk to one of our helpful GAP volunteers!
Owning a greyhound isn’t for everyone. We hope you have the chance to meet and pat a friendly greyhound and see why they are a great breed!
3) How much exercise do you think a greyhound needs every day?
Greyhounds are often referred to as the ‘45 mph couch potato’. Contrary to popular belief, most greyhounds only need and enjoy a 15-20 minute walk most days and spend the rest of their time contently sleeping for up to 20 hours.
4) What do you think the green collar means?
Greyhounds wearing the green collar have successfully passed through the Greyhound Adoption Program, which means they have gone through temperament assessments, socialisation periods with other dogs and foster care environments so they are ready for family life! Currently, only greyhounds that wear a green collar can go in public without a muzzle.
5) Did you know that on 1 January, all greyhounds will be able to go in public without a muzzle?
Beginning 1 January 2019, all greyhounds in Victoria will be able to go without a muzzle, which is great news for greyhounds! However, we still highly recommend adopting a greyhound through GAP. Our GAP staff are experts in pairing greyhounds up with the right families to ensure the best possible outcome for everyone involved. Take our lead and adopt through GAP!
6) Do you think that greyhounds are allowed to be in public without a leash?
Although all greyhounds will be able to go in public without a muzzle on 1 January 2019, they MUST remain on a leash at all times.
7) Why do you think greyhounds have to be on a leash at all times?
Greyhounds are sighthounds and are very fast. Even a greyhound with great recall could see something in the distance and run off to try and reach it. A sighthound in this mode can easily run into a busy road or fence without realising the danger. Therefore, for their safety, all greyhounds must be leashed in public at all times. This includes dog parks!
8) What does GAP do to prepare a greyhound for family life?
When a greyhound goes through GAP, it receives the appropriate socialisation, training and assessments to ensure a successful adoption.
9) How does GAP match greyhounds with new families?
As greyhound matchmakers, we try to cover all bases when it comes to determining the most suitable greyhound for a family to adopt.
10) After having the chance to learn more about greyhounds as pets and meet one for yourself, do you feel you have a better understanding of the breed?
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